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Big Brick rapper

Big Brick

Hip Hop Artist

Big Brick is an up and coming Hip Hop artist from Newburgh, New York. Born in the crime infested city of Chicago, Brick faced adversity at a young age. Surrounded by violence, drugs, and squalor he found solace in music. He moved to upstate New York at the age of 11 and began honing his craft. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he spent a portion of his life in the penitentiary. The time was not spent in vain though, as he continued to push his pen, striving to be a top tier emcee which is evident in his music.

Influenced by Black Moon, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang Clan, and Gangstarr - to name a few – Brick is a firm believer in delivering a message to add on to the culture. His music is a refreshing style of golden era Hip Hop where he expresses himself bilingually through rapid fire flows and smooth production. There is something for everyone on his albums where the tracks appeal to both the underground community as well as the mainstream audiences.

Big Brick



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